Ideas for Images

We should replace vague ideas with clear images



Apparently thigh gaps are a myth and real women have cellulite – body positivity from the skinny girl’s perspective.

The body positivity movement started off as accepting each other and most importantly, ourselves, fighting all forms of body shaming and aiming for inclusivity. It was much needed and to this day it has a very important role.

In time however, it was used for the wrong agenda. In the name of body positivity I see something else entirely. Dragging other people to make us feel better about ourselves. Keep on reading!

Relationships are not complicated, people are… 

Scrolling through my newsfeed I realised I see at least 5 articles about relationships every day. And most of them are contradicting. The worst thing is that these articles and those writing them, claim that there are universal solutions and truths that will work for every relationship.  Continue reading “Relationships are not complicated, people are… “

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