I wrote this just before Christmas but I think it’s still relevant and it will stay relevant for a while.

Since things took a turn for the worse in Syria and mass migration started people kept saying that refugees should stay and fight for their countries. When pictures of young, able bodied men swarmed the internet there was a massive outcry, people questioning why those young men aren’t staying behind to fight for their country. My only question is: would you? After you’ve lived through months of atrocities, lived in terror, feared for your own and your loved ones lives. Lost friends and family. 

You wouldn’t. If you had the chance, any chance, you’d run for the hills. You’d run and you’d want to start over, forget about what you had to live through. You’d do whatever it takes to build a somewhat normal life.

Granted, in some cases the measures become too desperate, granted that expectations can become unrealistic and hopes are too high. But let’s be honest: if war broke out in your county you’d not want to stay and fight. You don’t even know how. Why would those people know? Would you stay and tell your family to stay and fight?  Would you want to see your son/brother/father/nephew or your best friend go to war only to never see them again? You wouldn’t.

The hypocritical bullshit created a hateful atmosphere in Europe. We don’t hate people. We hate the unknown. And that hatred isn’t really hatred. It’s fear. I keep hearing how our (Christian) European Values have to be protected. But where does the the care and empathy – the above mentioned values – go when we speak about migrants and the issues that created this situation in the first place? They are nowhere to be found when it doesn’t suit you. These European values allowed us to hit each other, spit in each other’s face and abuse each other in a number of other ways when someone’s opinion or way of protesting we disliked or simply did not agree with. The backers of these very important values created an idyllic world where non consensual sex is sometimes acceptable. Where the government treats a void referendum as a valid one, one where they actually got their will across.

What are we protecting then? We cry rape, we cry islamisation. But are we really so much better? We talk about integration and preserving our culture and respecting other cultures. But do we integrate? Or do we demand interpreters in foreign countries because we can’t learn a foreign language (aren’t eve bothered to at least try), do we want to have access to the food we got used to eat, do we want access to even the TV channels we used to watch? Yes, we do. No one wants to integrate. And just because a culture is somewhat similar similar to another one it does not make it ok.

Sorry, but if you live in a country where people drink tea with milk and you call that custom disgusting and the people doing it stupid you are no better than those who are adamant about the burqa being acceptable. And if you don’t see the issue here you should start with educating yourself rather than set standards and have expectations from others.