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We should replace vague ideas with clear images

You don’t know high maintenance… until you know bleached blonde hair.

White blonde hair became very popular in the past few years. I decided to go blonde nearly 4 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. But although I love the colour, I don’t always love what it takes to maintain it…  Continue reading “You don’t know high maintenance… until you know bleached blonde hair.”

Apparently thigh gaps are a myth and real women have cellulite – body positivity from the skinny girl’s perspective.

The body positivity movement started off as accepting each other and most importantly, ourselves, fighting all forms of body shaming and aiming for inclusivity. It was much needed and to this day it has a very important role.

In time however, it was used for the wrong agenda. In the name of body positivity I see something else entirely. Dragging other people to make us feel better about ourselves. Keep on reading!

A trip to Japan – how a Coeliac survived Tokyo.

Tokyo was always on my bucket list, so when I had the chance to go, I didn’t think twice. It wasn’t a well organised trip, it was all very last minute, I bought the Lonely Planet book 2 days before getting on the plane.
Keep on reading!

Travelling and eating out – it’s a mindfield and a nightmare… or NOT!

Eating out and travelling come hand and in hand and can be a minefield and one of the trickiest things for Coeliacs. Continue reading “Travelling and eating out – it’s a mindfield and a nightmare… or NOT!”

Living with Coeliac disease – it’s as hard as you make it.

It all starts with being told you might have an autoimmune disease with no cure. Then the diagnosis is confirmed and everything looks pretty grim despite finally having answers.

For me getting diagnosed was only the beginning. I had a number of other health issues that were now treated differently and I finally started to feel better.  Continue reading “Living with Coeliac disease – it’s as hard as you make it.”


We lived in this culture, where sexual harassment and rape are “part of the deal”, where telling a woman that in order to build a career they have to ‘suck it up’ is acceptable, for too long. We still live in a world where women ‘deserve’ what they get. Where we might not even notice or not even do it willingly, but somehow we end up blaming the victim.  Continue reading “#metoo”

The glitz and the glam of living with an (invisible) autoimmune disease.

There are a number of different conditions that are called invisible. There might not be obvious symptoms, but they are very real. When someone says they have an autoimmune disease most of us automatically look for obvious things that can be spotted straight away. Those aren’t always there. Or they might not seem that bad. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease a year ago. And even when I was trying to figure out what was going wrong with me, people quite often told me that I didn’t look sick… Even though I was.
Continue reading “The glitz and the glam of living with an (invisible) autoimmune disease.”

Relationships are not complicated, people are… 

Scrolling through my newsfeed I realised I see at least 5 articles about relationships every day. And most of them are contradicting. The worst thing is that these articles and those writing them, claim that there are universal solutions and truths that will work for every relationship.  Continue reading “Relationships are not complicated, people are… “

A coffee and tea lovers perspective…

Coffee and tea make the World go ’round… some of my favourite shots of some of my favourte  quiet moments sipping a cup of something hot… Continue reading “A coffee and tea lovers perspective…”

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